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Kontoyiannis House Cyprus

A great base for exploring the whole island

Welcome to the Kontoyiannis Information website.  This is the companion site of Kontoyiannis House our traditional stone built villa which is rented out as a villa or apartments all year round.  It was created to give you a better idea of Kontoyiannis House, Kalavasos village and Cyprus in general.

It's a way for me to express my love of Cyprus and its traditions.  My favourite section is the one about Cyprus food and wine, particularly Traditional Cypriot Recipes.

My name is Christalla and I run Kontoyiannis House with my husband Panayiotis and my brother John. We are all Greek Cypriots and moved over from England in 1988. Look here if you are want to hear more about us.


Kontoyiannis house has been in operation as a family run business since 1994. It is has been a member of the Cyprus Agrotourism company since the company first began operation.


During February and March 2006 we decided to give the house a facelift and couple of new additions.  We hope you like the changes.............. 

Kontoyiannis House is a great place to use as a base while exploring Cyprus. We can accommodate from 1-22 persons at our house and you could even organize groups to come and visit.  The house is centered around a courtyard and has 5 bedrooms, it can be let as 4 separate apartments or as a whole.

If you like we can help you organize this as we can arrange flights and mini buses etc.  Please note we can get reduced rates for groups!

Kalavasos is centrally located for the whole island so a great place for a holiday experience that will allow you to visit the whole of Cyprus and at the same time see how the typical Cypriot passes his day.  The village square is full of coffee shops where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a glass of the local Zivania or play a nice game of Tavli (or backgammon if you want the translated version).  Tavli is a very popular Cypriot pastime enjoyed for years on the island.

We also have quite a few village tavernas and the Ziggi fishing village which is just a few minutes by car is excellent for fresh fish.  Governors beach, a secluded area,  is also just a few minutes away with excellent beaches and local restaurants where you can experience our local specialities.

Favorite Kalavasos Links

If you know of any that are not included here please let me know

This site is under constant development and we would appreciate any comments or ideas of what to put in it.


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