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About Andrie

About Andrie

Andrie, lives in Kalavasos, Larnaca District of Cyprus, with her husband and four children.  She has written a short introduction about herself and her Aromatic Herb Garden in the village..

My name is Andrie Pagonis and was born in Coventry, England and having Greek Cypriot parents raised and studied in England as a nurse. Having got engaged to a Greek Cypriot boy which I met in Cyprus on holiday took him to England for 5 years which he then wanted to move back to Cyprus in September 1992.

Coming back to Cyprus and living in Kalavasos village was hard to adjust as everything was so different, culture and lifestyle.  Trying to fit in and finding things do took a while as not many things to do in the village.

Then one day courses started in the village to try and help the young Greek women living in villages to keep the traditional things going  e.g. crochet, lace making, making jams, candle-making etc.

So having nothing else to do and wanting to learn these things I went to these lessons every week.

We took trips to see different things being made around Cyprus, and one day took a trip to the Aromatic Herbs in Nicosia  which I found very interesting,

Having taken a lot of information Mrs Maria Coutri who teaches us the courses gave me an idea, she said as you are living in an Agro-Tourism village and having the land, and not being able to go out to work as having now a family of 4 children couldn't go out to work, plant Aromatic herbs which the tourists can see the herbs, how they are grown, what there uses are, and how they can help us in our everyday lives rather than having to rely on medicines and tablets all the time.

So now in March 2005 have opened a shop under the basement of my house have planted 1 acre of 16  different kinds of herbs which are grown organically.

Also a shop which I sell the herbs, I offer free teas which you can try before you buy.

I have natural oils made from the herbs and also candles made from bees wax which I do myself. I have also natural soaps also made from the herbs.

Now, having lived in Kalavasos village for 12 years my life is content with my family and around based my work which I thourghly enjoy.

My Herb Garden is situated about 200 metres off the Kalavasos exit on the motorway towards Nicosia, towards the village on the right.

It is sight well worth visiting, quiet with greenery all round, different kinds of trees and a vineyard. Learn all there is to know, so don't hesitate do come along not to be missed.


We are Open

From Mon – Sat

9.30 –12.30

3.00 – 6.00


                       Andrie Pagonis.


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