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Mountain Trails Of Cyprus


Akamas is the easternmost point of the three major flora zones of Europe. Akamas is situated at the westernmost point of Cyprus.

One belief is that the area took its name from the Greek mythological hero Akamas, son of Theseus who came to Cyprus after the Trojan war and founded Akamantis.

Akamas was also the place where Aphrodite and Adonis had their love trysts.

It is an area of incomparable natural beauty.  Almost all the geological formations found on the island are present in the area. 

About 600 plant species can be found there of which 35 are endemic. There is also a large amount of fauna here. (More information on the flora and fauna of Cyprus can be found at http://www.natureof cyprus.org also on birds, mammals butterflies and lots more)

There are also 168 bird species, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and butterfly species of which the endemic Glaucopsyche pafos butterfly is said to be the symbol of the area.

Akamas is ideal for walking, cycling, swimming, diving, fishing, exploring, cruising on small craft and bird watching.

1. Aphrodite Trail (circular)  Length : 7.5 km    Time: 3 hours

Starting point: Baths of Aphrodite. The section between the Baths and Pyrgos tis Rigainas (the Castle of Regina) is shares with the Adonis trail. The trail follows a rising path to the hill known as Moutti tis Soriras (370m) and this can be quite tiring, especially in summer.  There are springs with drinking water at two points, one at Pyrgos tis Rigainas (the Castle of Regina) and the other at Kefalovrisia.

Points of Interest: The baths of Aphrodite where, according to tradition, the Goddess of Love bathed.  Ruins of the Castle of Regina, which are believed to have belonged to a medieval monastery.  There is a huge centuries oak-tree which can be seen at the picnic site, where drinking water is also available.  Along the trail there are several points which give a view of Polis Chrsochou and the Paphos forest.

2. Adonis Trail (circular)   

Length : 7.5 km    Time: 3 hours

Starting point: Baths of Aphrodite. Like the Aphrodite trail, the walk can be quite tiring.  Two springs of drinking water can be found one at Pyrgos tis Rigainas and the other at Kefalovrisia.

Points of Interest: From the western part there is a view of various beaches of Akama such as Lara Bar, Tzioni, Karavopetres etc.

3. Smiglies Trail (circular)   

Length (a) short route: 2.5 km    Time (a) short route: 1 hour

Length (b) long route: 5 km    Time (b) long route: 2 hours

Starting point: Smigies picnic site 2.5 km from Neo Chorio

Points of Interest: View of the east of Polis Chrysochous Bay, Latsi, Pachyammos and Pafos Forest and to the west Lara bay, Tzioni, Karavopetres etc.

4. Pissouromouttis Trail (circular)   

Length : 3 km    Time :  1 hour and 30 minutes

Starting point: Smigies picnic site

Points of Interest: Rich growth of Juniper Phoenicia, pistacia, etc. Views of Polis Bay to the northeast and beaches of Akamas to the west

5. Kathikas Trail (circular)   

Length : 2 km    Time : 1 hour

Starting point: 1 km from Kathikas towards Pegia, near "Kyparissos" restaurant

Points of Interest: 800 meters from the starting point there is a stone-built water fountain.  Agia Marian Chapel is also in the area.


This information was taken from the CTO publication Nature Trails of Cyprus.  You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.

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