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Aromatic Herbs

The Aromatic Herb Garden of Kalavasos

is a recent addition to our village and well worth a visit

Stop by to see how all the herbs are grown and dried and of course enjoy a good cup of aromatic tea

Situated 200m off the Kalavasos exit of the motorway

towards the village on the left hand side.

Experience the peace, tranquility and essence of the aroma of the herbs growing in our garden stroll in the shade of the different kids of trees and vines and pick your own grapes.

Learn all you about the different kinds of herbs. See how they are grown, and the stages that they go through. How they can help us with the problems that we may have in our everyday lives.

Not only will you find teas but you will also find natural oils for aromatherapy, soaps made from the herbs.
Hand made candles made from natural bees wax and also different kinds of hand made Items.

You will be offered different kinds of teas to try free of charge before you buy.    

Learn about the village and what it has to offer

Our Aromatic Herb Garden is well worth a visit.                                 


The Herb Garden

is run by


Opening hours are from


Monday to Saturday

9.30 - 12.30a.m.

3.00 - 6.00 p.m

The Garden shop is closed on Sundays



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