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Hi, in case you have just entered the site and you don't know who I am, I will introduce myself.  My name is Christalla Vassiliou and I run Kontoyiannis House with my family in Kalavasos village.  This is just one of a few sites I have about Cyprus, Cyprus holidays, Agrotourism and other village holidays, our latest addition is a beautiful villa which is a great mountain retreat in the Troodos mountains, very close to Platres.


This page is growing constantly and will eventually cover a very wide range of subject on Cyprus..  We keep adding to it on a regular basis, it you would like us to add any articles that you have written that may be relevant please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We are only publishing serious material and everything will be checked before being added to the page.



P.S. I've just discovered blogging and have started a few blogs relevant to Cyprus.



Articles on Cyprus


Buying Property in Cyprus

The Agrotourism Experience

Majestic Olives Trees in Cyprus

Benefits of a Holiday Apartment in Cyprus

Cyprus Weather - Cyprus has Sun 11Months of the Year

Escape a long cold winter - Holiday in Sunny Cyprus

ADHD in Cyprus - My Story


Blogs on Cyprus

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This site is under constant development and we would appreciate any comments or ideas of what to put in it.


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