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Mountain Trails Of Cyprus

3 - National Forest Park of Athalassa

The park is situated at the Southeastern edge of the capital Nicosia and covers an area of 840 hectares.  Afforestation began in 1904 with the planting of various forest species, mainly from abroad. Over 500 trees, shrubs and herbs have been recorded in the area, 12 of which are endemic.  At Athalassa N.F.P a network of trails has been created covering 20 km.

1. Agios Georgios (Circular)    Length : 2 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Two parking lots. The trail goes round the banks of the small reservoir of the same name.

Points of Interest: Picnic area and reservoir.

2. Agios Georgios - Botanical Gardens    Length : 2.5 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: A point on the south side of the Agios Georgios reservoir.

Points of Interest: Botanical Gardens next to the Forest Nursery which opens Monday - Friday 07.30 - 14.30.

3. Botanical Gardens - Picnic area at SW Entrance   Length : 2.2 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Botanical Gardens

Points of Interest: A route among pine, eucalyptus trees, cypresses and acacias.  A picnic area next to the Althalassa reservoir with volleyball and basketball courts.

4. Athalassa Reservoir (Circular)    Length : 2.2 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Picnic Area and NW entrance

Points of Interest: A walk around the reservoir.  Observation point for hybrid birds.

5. Picnic area at NW Entrance    Length : 2.5 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: NW Entrance of picnic area (4 different routes)

Points of Interest: Park of Nations where Foreign Heads of States visiting Cyprus plant trees in remembrance of their visits.

7. NW Entrance and picnic area - Agios Georgios

Length : 4 km    Time: 2 hours

Starting point: NW picnic area

Points of Interest: The two picnic areas are linked by a third walk which goes past the Athalassa reservoir and entrance 1


Note: There is a special 1.5 km path build especially for walking of dogs.  THis path is situated to the left of the Aglantzia - Geri road




This information was taken from the CTO publication Nature Trails of Cyprus.  You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.

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