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Cyprus Birds


Cyprus Birds

BirdLife Cyprus web site for the latest information

on the conservation of the birds of Cyprus,

plus details on what has been seen, what can be seen and where.

Birds of Cyprus Another comprehensive site on birds,

which is part of the site Flora and Fauna of Cyprus

and has lots of more information.

Below is another article, this time on Bird Watching in Cyprus, kindly written by Pamela Scratton

Bird-watching in Cyprus can be anything from identifying the birds which come into your garden to joining one of the groups which regularly go to likely places to spot the usual and the unusual. Knowledge grows with interest, and you will soon learn what to expect in different habitats, and at different seasons.

Birds have very regular habits. Those who have kept records over a long period have found that they can predict within a few days the arrival of migrating birds, and many of them return to the very same perch, or nest, which they left the previous year. Those who arrive back to find their nest destroyed by thoughtless or uncaring humans can be shocked and disoriented.. Worse still, some may make a journey of thousands of miles under the power of their own wings to be caught up in a mistnet, or on gluesticks deliberately placed in their known flightpath. But this tragic situation is improving; public opinion is turning against the practice, with beneficial results for both birds and humans.

One of the sights that we can all enjoy every year is that of the thousands of Flamingoes which winter on the salt lakes. A good place to watch them pushing their curious bills through the water to collect the minute food-shrimps is from the roof of the new Visitor Centre in Akrotiri village. The centre has binoculars and telescopes for visitor use, and lots of information about the birds and plants of the area, as well as the turtles which nest on the beaches nearby. As well as the Flamingoes, there are usually many varieties of duck and wader to be seen on the salt lakes.

Many of the birds which remain in Cyprus to breed, or come to Cyprus for that purpose in summer each year, build their nests in the cool and safety of the mountains. Although we should always take particular care not to disturb them, seeing birds on the nest, and in family parties in their green and pleasant surroundings makes a good reason for visiting the Troodos Mountains during the season.

Another side to bird 'watching' which is often neglected is listening to them, and identifying birds by their calls. Often in woodland it is the easier option. The beautiful song of the Blackbird is often to be heard in the woods near Troodos; it is easy to forget that the purpose of this 'song' is to define a territory, and keep rivals away! Most birds on migration do not call, but we do sometimes hear an unmistakable Cuckoo.

Some of the most spectacular birds to visit Cyprus in the course of migration are the Eagles and other large birds of prey. Again, a good place to see them is the Akrotiri Peninsula - particularly at Zakaki Pool and Phasouri Reedbeds in the autumn, where you can also see two species of Cranes.

For identifying what you see you need any of the excellent field-guides of European birds; and you may just be lucky enough to see something new to Cyprus - it happens almost every year! BirdLife Cyprus will be delighted to hear about it.

Pamela Scraton       Cyprus Orchids

We will be adding to this page periodically, meanwhile if you have any photos and information to add please contact us and if we think it is suitable we will be happy to display it on this page.

How to Attract Garden Birds

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