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Cyprus Fish

Cyprus Fish

This page has come about after a request from a friend of mine on Greek and English names of Cyprus Fish.  I decided to do some research..........................

Fishing in Cyprus

There are quite a few places to fish in Cyprus, both the sea and man made dam offer quite a few choices. Amateur fishing and Fishing in Dams is outlined on our Fishing in Cyprus page.

Diving is also very popular in Cyprus, with a number of diving schools having excellent reputations.  The most famous wreck in Cyprus waters is the 'Zenobia' which sank in 1980.

This site is a great site for Fish and fishing in Cyprus

For Saltwater fish there is also a Greek version


For Freshwater fish if you would like the Greek version

If you want to see what fish were caught in Kalavasos dam there are some photos here

For photos of Cyprus Dams with references, comments and pictures of fish caught in these dams the Dams of Cyprus page is a good reference

Here is an excellent site one Fishing in Cyprus it provides information on the fresh and saltwater fish found in the sea, dams and rivers of Cyprus.  Its even got its own recipes site.

We've also got out own page with Fish Recipes if you would like to take a look.         

I'd love to receive some photos and or stories to add to my Cyprus Fish to put on this page so if anyone has anything to offer please contact me and I will do my best to add it

Waiting for pictures and stories!

I'd love some good

pictures for this page!



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