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Cyprus Orchids


Cyprus Orchids

I've just stumbled across this great website which catalogues Cyprus Orchids.

The author has put together a video and a beautifully illustrated book on Ochids.

Its called the Orchids of Cyprus and where to find them

I'm off to buy the book as soon as possible!

Before I go I must mention the Cyprus Wild Flowers page which has some great photos of the Cyprus Cyclamen and many other flowers including some great shots of Anemones.

Well I've bought the book and video, you need to have both to appreciate what they have to offer.  The video is amazing!  The colours of the orchids are just so vivid you have to see it. 

Pamela Scraton has been kind enough to let us have some photos of her orchids and has very kindly written a piece for our site.

Orchis simia, the Monkey Orchid

We would be happy to include any further information on Orchids. If you have any photos and information which you might like to add to this page please contact us and if we think it is suitable we will be happy to add it to our site.

Among the beautiful flowers which carpet the ground in Cyprus in the spring are one very special group - the orchids. If you go looking for the exotic showy blooms of that name which we can see in florists shops, you will not find them, but all the same our native orchids have their own charm.

In Cyprus there are around fifty examples, and if you ask 'Where are they to be seen?' I can only answer 'Everywhere' because they are found on low ground and in the mountains, in open countryside, abandoned cultivation, in villages and gardens, and even by the sea! The CTO nature-trails make a good starting-point for looking for them. Try the lower ground in March to April, and higher up in May and June.

What makes them so special that visitors will come from all over Europe and beyond to see them? In Cyprus we have five orchids which grow nowhere else, and others which are quite rare. The Orchis and Dactylorhiza genera have mostly delicate coloured flowers, while Ophrys flowers cleverly mimic insects to tempt them to visit and pollinate them! 

As with everything around us, there is always more to find about them, and a book about them is a good starting point. Many books are available on European orchids, but Orchids of Cyprus and where to find them was written especially to cover all the orchids found in Cyprus, and has a superb video to illustrate them. And if what you find is not in the book, maybe you will prove to have discovered a new variety; it isn't impossible!


Pamela Scraton       Cyprus Orchids



Limodorum abortivum, the Violet Limodore


Orchis syriaca, the Syrian Orchid


Orchis papilionacea, the Pink Butterfly Orchid


Orchis troodi, the Troodos Orchid


Neotinia maculata, the Dense-flowered Orchid


Cephalanthera rubra, the Red Helleborine


Dactylorhiza romana, The Roman Orchid


Orchis quadripunctata, the Four-spotted Orchid


Orchis punctulata, the Punctate Orchid


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