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Flora & Fauna

This spring we were busy taking lots of photos of the Wild flowers around the village of Kalavasos and the suburbs of the town of Limassol.  Next year plan to be adding lots more.  There are some lovely wild gladioli and poppies growing all over the island.

The Cyprus Wild Flowers page has some great photos of the Cyprus Cyclamen which is indigenous to Cyprus and grows abundantly in the Limassol area.  The Cyclamen has recently been declared the National Flower of Cyprus

If you are interested in Orchids, we have a page dedicated

to Cyprus Orchids and some beautiful photos.



Kontoyiannis House is a great base for exploring the whole island. 

We are centrally located so easy to get round. 

Of course we do have our own Aromatic Herb Garden in Kalavasos as well as some interesting plants and flowers to see in the surrounding hills.

Your best bet is to explore on the Mountain Trails page for some great ideas.

For example the Troodos National Forest Park is at the centre of the island and covers an area of 9337 hectares.

The highest point is Chionistra or Olympos (1952 m) and the lowest is Moni forest (700 m). Over 770 plant species have managed to survive making Troodos National Forest Park the richest botanical garden of Cyprus.

For information on the Flaura and Fauna of Cyprus is a great site

We will be adding to this page periodically, meanwhile if you have any photos and information to add please contact us and if we think it is suitable we will be happy to display it on this page.


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