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Mountain Trails Of Cyprus

5 - Machairas Forest - Lefkara - Kato Drys - Vavatsinias

The four trails in this area are near the picturesque villages of Lefkara, Kato Drys, Vavatsinias and the area of Kionia in the Machairas Forest.

Lefkara with its stone built houses, is renowned for its hand -made embroidery, known as "Lefkaritika".  The beautiful House of Patsalos houses the Traditional Museum of Embroidery and Silvers making. The rich flora of the area includes a rare plant, strictly protected by the Bern Convention, the Lefkara Astagalus (Astagalus macrocarpus ssp, lefkarnesis).

1. Kionia - Profitis Ilias    Length : 7 km    Time: 3 hours

Starting point: Kionia picnic site. Accessible either from Vavatsinia or from the Machairas Monastery road which leads to Kionia.

Points of Interest: The trail goes down to the Monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) where there is a spring with drinking water.

2. Vavatsinia (Spilia tis Athasias)    Length : 2 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: A loose surface road which begins at the Vavatsinia - Kionia forest road 3 km outside Vavatsinia

Points of Interest: "Spilia tis Athasias" (Ahasias Cave).  It is believed that this was a shaft used to for mining

3. Lefkara - Chapel of the Transfiguration (Circular)

Length : 3 km    Time: 1 hours and 30 minutes

Starting point: In the village of Lefkara, on the road to Vavatsinia. An uphill course to the Chapel which eventually leads back to the village

Points of Interest: The Chapael of the Transfiguration (Metamorfosis tour Sotiros) built on the peak above Lefkara (727m).  A panoramic view of Pano and Kato Lefkara, Kato Drys and the Monastery of Agios Minas.

4. Lefkara - Kato Drys

Length : 2.5 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: In the village of Lefkara, on the road to Vavatsinia. An uphill course to the Chapel.  After the Chapel, the trail takes another path down to Kato Drys

Points of Interest: The well known Agios Minas Convent can be seen near Kato Drys.

Opening Hours: The convent is open to groups of visitors from Mondays to Fridays only.


This information was taken from the CTO publication Nature Trails of Cyprus.  You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.

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