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Mountain Trails


Nature in Cyprus

Mountain Trails Of Cyprus

Not very many years ago before the world changed and cars along with busy roads and motorways became the prevalent way to get around, paths and cart tracks made up the main road networks in Cyprus.  They were the only link between villages, towns and the rest of the world!

It is a fact that most cart tracks have almost disappeared with only a few traces remaining near old bridges, most paths are now covered in thick vegetation.  The Forestry department of Cyprus has created 48 paths or trails which cover a total distance of 200km in various parts of the Island, from Kavo Greco in the South to Akamas in the West of the Island! 

The paths and trails cover areas of rich vegetation and cultural interest.  They have been constructed on gentle gradients and are as a rule, circular so that all age groups can use them with ease. They are very well signposted and many have been networked and grouped in areas.

A few words of advice
  • Wear sensible walking shoes
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses 
  • Make sure to have plenty of drinking water with you at all times, summer or winter!
  • Respect the natural environment,

    it is forbidden to:


    • dispose of litter
    • cut wild flowers and plants
    • cause damage to structures
    • start a fire


  • There are 8 species of snakes in Cyprus of which only one is dangerous to man. In case of snake bite by the Vipera lebtina, medical attention should be sought immediately.  Wells or water holes are the most dangerous spots.  (we will be adding further information on this one soon).
  • Picnic sites contain sanitary facilities and drinking water and most also have facilities for barbecues.
  • If you would like to get in touch with the forestry department for any further information, their address is: Forestry department, Leoforos Louki Akrita, CY 1414, Nicosia
The closest trails to our village and Kontoyiannis House


trail 3 The national forest park of Athalassa which is located on the outskirts of the Capital Nicosia


trail 5  Machairas Forest - Lefkara - Kato Drys - Vavatsinias which is very near Kalavasos. 

Trail 8 Kyparissia - Germasogeia Dam is about 20 minutes drive from Kalavasos.

All the others trails are at most an hours drive from Kalavassos.  Come stay at Kontoyiannis House and visit them all!

Ten mountain trails are listed below and are each dealt in detail.
  1. Akamas
  2. Pitsylia
  3. Athalasa National Forest Park
  4. Troodos
  5. Machairas Forest - Lefkara, Kato Drys, Vavatsinia
  6. Kavo Greko
  7. Stavros Tis Psokas
  8. Kyparissia - Germasogeia Dam
  9. Cedar Valley
  10. EU Long Distance Path

A must to visit is the majestic natural forests of Cedar valley in aTilliryan Troodos . The valley contains over 200,000 indigenous Cyprus cedar trees that are unique to the island.

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