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Neolithic sites

Cyprus History and Archeology

Neolithic sites

The appearance of man to the island of Cyprus is recorded from the tenth century BC proof of this can be seen from the site of Akrotiri-Aetokremos which can be found near the town of Limassol.  There was a long period where nothing was known, then around 7000 BC  village communities began to prosper on the island.  The inhabitants practiced agriculture and animal husbandry, exploiting domesticated species of plants and animals whose wild ancestors were unknown on the island.

This civilization, the aceramic Neolithic, so called because ceramic technology was unknown on the island, is represented by the ancient sites of Khirokitia and twenty other settlements scattered throughout the island. 

From cape Andreas-Kastros in the extreme east tip of the island to Kholetria-Ortos in the west, from Troulli (Kyrenia region) and Petra tour Limniti in the north to Kalavasos Tenta and Shillourokambos.  Khirokitia, in the south and includes the inland sites of Dhail-Agridhi and Kataliondas.  These are all sites that have been explored archaeologically.

The site of Khirokitia was discovered in 1934 by P. Dikaios who conducted six campaigns there between 1936 and 1946.  Later exploration did not resume till the 1970's in 1972 to be exact.  In 1976 further work was carried out.

Khirokitia or Chirokitia is one of the most important prehistoric sites of the Eastern Mediterranean area. The site is only partially uncovered and work is still going on.  It has been designated a world heritage site http://www.worldheritagesite.org/sites/choirokoitia.html.  Findings show that there were about 300 inhabitants and that they did not live longer that the age of 35.  One of their customs was to bury their dead under the house to keep them close to the living.

There is much research to be found on the internet about the Neolitic sites of Cyprus

LEMBA ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTRE, CYPRUS offers courses at  the Lemba Archaeological Research Centre located in Lemba Village approximately 4 km north of the town of Pafos

Recent excavations at Lemba http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/bmcr/2005/2005-09-83.html

A Geophysical Campaign at the Neolithic Settlement of Kandou - Kouphovounos (Cyprus).



Excavations at Kalavasos-Kokkinoyia and Kalavasos-Pamboules, Cyprus

There is currently excavation being conducted at the Neolithic settlement of Kalavasos-Kokkinoyia, Cyprus  by the University of East Anglia

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