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Photo History

Cyprus History and Archeology

Photo History

Below is the Photo History of Kalavasos, we have also written a History of Kontoyiannis House for anyone interested to know about the house and the family

This page is for showing pictures of the village and history surrounding the village.

We will be adding photos as they become available, so please watch this space

We are always happy to show any pictures you may have taken of the village,

just email us   

Polixeni Tsangarides - Mum at the Orchard. Mum inherited the land from her father and dad made it into an orchard full of all kinds of fruit

Andreas Tsangarides -Dad actually helped dig the well.

He planted all the lovely trees that bear fruit, available for all our guests to enjoy! The whole plot was originally full of trees but the drought in the 90's meant we had to chop quite a few of them down. Still there is a lot of fruit available!

Kalavos Church

Old Minaret, Kalavasos had quite a few Turkish Cypriots before the 1974 invasion

Village school.

The village has its own elementary school. Children take the bus to Limassol or Larnaca for their secondary and further education

Community Center and Doctors Surgery

We have an excellent doctor in the village. He is the GP but specialises in Cardiology.

My brother John and a friend enjoying a game of Tavli (backgamon) in the village square. Tavli is a very popular Cypriot passtime

There are lots of coffee shops in the village square and the locals are very friendly and happy to pass the time of day with visitors to the village

Museum and Conference center

The conference center is very large

Cycling through the village

You can rent a bicycle in the village. Here are some cyclists going past the larger of the two village supermarkets. The other is a very small corner shop

Train from old mine

Co op bank

We have an excellent bank in the village

Traditional haloumi making

is still being carried just outside the village by one of the locals. Visitors are welcome to come and see how its done

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