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Stavros tis Psokas

Mountain Trails Of Cyprus

7 - Stavros tis Psokas

The Forest station of Stavros tis Psokas is in the heart of the Paphos forest, the largest and most beautiful pine forest (Pinus Brutia) of the island.  It can be reached from Paphos (51 km), via Kannaviou, or from Polis Chrysochous (34 km).  All forest roads leading to Stavros tis Psokas are earth tracks except for a section of the Kykkos - Stavros road.

At the station there is a hostel a cafeteria and an organised picnic area.  Nearby there is an enclosure where visitors can admire the renowned Ovis gmelini aphion (Cyprus Mouflon) and the Dama dama, a dear introduced to Cyprus from abroad.

Cedar valley is quite close by, about 19 km.

The three nature trails in this area have a total length of 9.5 km

1. Horteri Trail (Circular)        Length : 5 km    Time: 2 hours

Starting point: "Platanouthkia" site, about halfway on the Stavros tis Psoka - Selladi tou Stavrou road. Initially, the trail follows an upward course and can be tiring, especially in summer.

Points of Interest: An outstanding view of the valley of Stavros and the Forest Station.  Near the starting point is a spring with drinking water.

2. Selladi tou Stavrou (Circular)        Length : 2.6 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Selladi tou Stavrou

3. Selladi tou Stavrou - Heliport       Length : 1.9 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Selladi tou Stavrou

Points of Interest: An outstanding view of the Stavros valley.  For a long walk, hikers can walk from the Forest Station to Selladi tou Stavrou, via the forest road, then along a trail back to Stavros via the Forest road.  The route is 5 km long and takes 2.5 hours


This information was taken from the CTO publication Nature Trails of Cyprus.  You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.

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