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Sweets and Deserts

Traditional Cypriot Recipes

Sweets and Deserts

Cyprus Lokoumia (the Greek name) or Cyprus Delights (Turkish delight) and sugar almonds are a must when visiting Cyprus.  The best Cyprus Lokoumia are the ones produced in the Yeroskipou region of Paphos.

Cyprus is also popular for its Soutjouko, Palouzze and Kkefteria which are made in the wine regions from grape juice.


A villager at the Festival of Palouzze in Arsos. This local vine grower grows ecological crops and makes ecological Soutjouko.  He also sells Moustari or Epsimo (this is boiled grape juice and the basis of Soutjouko) which is served on toast much like honey

Soutjouko looks like candles and Kkefteria are just squares of dried grape juice mixture which is called Palouzze when cold.. Soutjouko is made by threading a piece of string with nuts and then dipping it in the hot grape juice mixture which is made from grape juice or Moustari (as the Cypriots call it, some also call it Epsimo) and flour. This is boiled in a large cauldron then threaded onto the nuts.  The string of nuts is dipped in the grape mixture a few times depending on how thick the household likes it, then hung out to dry in the sun.. 

Palouzze is a lovely desert eaten hot or cold sprinkled with crushed almonds or walnuts.  It can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days and is subsequently made into Kkefteria by cutting into squares of about 2-4 inches and dried in the sun.

This picture was taken at the Festival of Palouzze in Arsos village which is held every October.

Soutjouko and Kkefteria go very well with a glass of Zivania

Many families in the mountains like to make their own Soutjouko.  Here is some hanging out to dry in the sun. It was taken in Lania Village in late September,

We will be adding lots more to this page on Cyprus sweets and deserts.  Meanwhile here is a lovely refreshing desert, wonderful when served on a hot summers day.


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