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Traditional Cypriot

Cyprus Food

Olives and Olive Oil Traditional Cypriot Recipes
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Traditional Cypriot Recipes

This is an ongoing project - anyone wishing to contribute recipes is more than welcome, we can include different versions of a recipe, different tastes suite different people

Apologies if this page seems to be taking forever but its finding the time to add things.

The website is currently being re designed so please be patient.  Here is a recipe for Flaounes, traditional Easter pies.  More coming soon................

New addition Koubepia (Dolmades or stuffed vine leaves   

National pastime of Cypriots is the cooking process and eating of Souvla and Souvlaki

This page came into effect after a particularly pleasant Easter Sunday spent at the house with the guests when we had a Traditional Cypriot Souvla  (barbecue). Do not think of it as any ordinary barbecue, the Cypriots are famous for their souvla.  Its great big chunks of meat threaded on huge skewers! There were about 20 of us on this particular day but we've had days with 40 or 50 people. Photos will be included soon.

Mum had spent the week showing them how to make the traditional Cypriot 'Gliko' which is literally translated to 'sweet'.  It is a tradition held in Cyprus for many years, when you visit a house you are offered a coffee and/or Gliko.  If you have not seen it, its a little like glazed fruit.  I will be putting some pictures on the site soon.

There are many different kinds of Gliko, made will Seville oranges (Kitromilo), Pomelo (Thrapos), Walnuts (Karidaki), Figs (Siko), Apricots (Chrisomilo), Water Melon (karpouzi, Grapes (Stafili), Cherries (Kerazi) to name but a few.......

This is going to be another ongoing project so I will be adding to it all the time!

Since there are lots of different kinds of Glika, the best thing to do is send you to the Gliko page to see the recipes

There will also be a page on Jams and Marmalades, we have so much fruit at the orchard we always like to prepare these

Cypriot Cakes again an ongoing project

There are many things to do with olives.  We have lots of olives in our orchard.  If you come in the winter time you are welcome to come and see how they are picked and of course to help us pick them.  We will then take you to the olive press to see how olive oil is produced.

Now to go to some main course and savory dishes. Dolmades (Koubebia is the Cypriot word for it), Tavva, Kleftiko, Sheftalia, Mousaka, Afelia, Kounoupidi (Cauliflower)

Ospria or Pulses, particularly beans, lentils and chick peas have been a staple in Cyprus for many years and it is only in recent years that the Western  world has come round to adopting them and labeling them as a healthy food.  As a child I remember my father who was in the grocery trade always saying that people used to call them cattle fodder and not appreciate the nutritional value as they do today.


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