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Mountain Trails Of Cyprus

4 - Troodos

Troodos National Forest Park is at the centre of the island and covers an area of 9337 hectares.  The highest point is Chionistra or Mount Olympus (1952 m) and the lowest is Moni forest (700 m).  The area is magical and suitable for a variety of activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain cycling, nature study and picnics.

Over 770 plant species have managed to survive making Troodos National Forest Park the richest botanical garden of Cyprus. 

The area's geology is of worldwide importance.  The world's best preserved ophiological complex is studied by scientists with a view to achieving an understanding of how the ocean's crust was created 90 million years ago at the bottom of a vast ocean known to geologists as the "Sea of Tethys".  Along the trails, samples of plutonic rock can be seen.  These were created by the crystallization of magma which took place 2000-6000 m under the bottom of the ocean.

In the area 10 trails exist covering a total length of 50 km

1. Artemis Trail        Length : 7 km    Time: 2 1/2 hours

Starting point: 300m from the junction between the Chionistra road and the Troodos - Proodromos road at an altitude of 1850 m

Points of Interest: The Pinus Nigra forest, rare species of flora and rocks of the area.  Of historic interest are the ruins of rough fortifications built during the final year of the Venetian occupation of Cyprus (1571 AD) by a group of Venetian generals who decided to put up a defence against the Ottomans at that point.  It ends at the point on the Atalanti trail.

2. Atalanti Trail (Circular)        Length : 12 km    Time: 5 hours

Starting point: Troodos Square

Points of Interest: The trail goes around Chionistra at an altitude of 1700-1750 m, passing through dense thickets of Pinus Nigra and Troodos Juniper Phoenicia.  One of the largest Junipers which is 800 years old can be found in the area. There is an outstanding view of the entire island.  Of particular interest is the entrance to a disused Chromium mine which ceased its operations in 1982.  3 km from Troodos square is a spring with drinking water.

3. Persephone Trail         Length : 3 km    Time: 1 hour, returns to starting point

Starting point: 150 m South of Troodos Square.  Walkers must either return to the starting point or be picked up at the point where the trail crosses the forest road.

Points of Interest: Rich vegetation and a breathtaking view from Makria Kontarka

4. Kampos tou Livadiou (Circular)        Length : 3 km    Time: 1 1/2 hours

Starting point: The forest road leading to the "Kampos tou Livadiou" picnic site 3 km from Troodos square and 9 km from Karvounas.

Points of Interest: A significant number of centuries-old Pinus Nigra. The trail is linked to "Kampos tou Livadiou" picnic site.

5. Kalidonia        Length : 3 km    Time: 1 1/2 hours

Starting point: About 700 m from the road between Troodos and Platres near the President's summer residence. Also accessible via a forest road which begins at the tourist road 2 km from the Square.

Points of Interest: The trail follows a course along Kryos Potamos, which never runs dry. It passes the Kalidonia Falls and ends at Psilo Dendro, in Pano Platres.

6. Psilo Dendro - Pouziaris           

Length route (a): 8 km            Time route (a): 3 hours

Length route (b): (1) 7 km       Time route (b):  (1) 3 hours

Length route (b): (11) 9.5 km  Time route (b):  (11) 4 hours

Length route (C): (1) Psilo Dendro - Kryos Potamos  5 km        Time route (C):  (1) 2 hours

Length route (C): (11) Psilo Dendro - Kryos Potamos - Kalidonia Falls - Psilo Dentro 8 km  Time route (C):  (11) 3 hours

Starting point: The junction of the Platres - Mesa Potamos forest road and the Moniatis - Platres - Troodos road near Psilo Dendro.

Three different routes start from the above point

(a) The first route is circular. It passes through dense thickets of Pine to Pouziaris Peak, from there to Kaminouthkia stream, then to Vryses and back to the starting point at Psilo Dendro.

(b) The second route is an uphill walk towards Pouzizris and ends at a point of the Troodos Square -Makria Kontarka (Persephone) Trail (1) via qhich one can go to Troodos Square (11)

(c) The third route initially follows the same course as the previous route, up towards Pouziaris but then takes a secondary forest road to Kryos Potamos at the starting point of the Kalidonia trail

7. Myllomeris Falls       Length : 1.2 km    Time: 1/2 hour

Starting point: Opposite Platres Church

Points of Interest: The trail leads to Myllomeris Falls

8. Kalopanagiotis - Oikos        Length : 1.5 km    Time: 1 hour

Starting point: Kalopanagiotis village

Points of Interest: The trail passes through the Kykkos Watermill, the Kalapanagiotis spas, the Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, the spring of Faragga where one can have a rest and ends in the village of Oikos Marathasas.

9. Kampos tour Livadiou - Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Church, Kakopetria    Length : 8 km  Time: 3 1/2 hours

Starting point: Kampos tou Livadiou 2 km from the Troodos Square on the road to Karvounas

Points of Interest: The trail passes through thickets of Pinus Nigra and follows a course along the edge of cliffs with a view towards the Potamos tou Chromiou (stream). The trail ends at the loose surface road Platania - Apotheri _ Agios Nikolaos where one can choose between three routes which end at the Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Church, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Kakopetira village or the Platania picnic site.

10. Gerakies (Circular)        Length : 4 km    Time: 2 hours

The picturesque village of Gerakies is situated in the beautiful Marathasa Valley, 65 km from Nicosia.  It is built on the slope of a mountain, amid rich vegetation, on the fringes of the Paphos Forest.

Starting point: Top Trees Hotel

Points of Interest: The trail takes an upward course to the fire station, progressing along the mountain crest and then descends to the village centre.


This information was taken from the CTO publication Nature Trails of Cyprus.  You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.

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